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Version 2.54 now released in time for EOFY

Databuild are pleased to announce that Version 2.54 is available for download bringing with it some great new features, additions and improvements all aimed at reducing the time and effort spent undertaking your day to day processes, and of course, assisting with end of financial year hassles.

One of these features of course is an update to the 2015/16 tax tables and also an update in line with legislation to better handle trade support loans. We have also added the option for users to fill in a grid allowing the recording of dates leave was taken. To use, turn on 'use leave allocation table' in the setup tab in Payroll setup. Accompanying this is a new report to view the data named 'leave allocation’.

We’ve enhanced your ability to view orders and BOQ by allowing both screens to be open at the same time saving time going back and forth. We’ve also made a change to how you send your remittance advice information by allowing you to now attach a pdf file containing this information to suppliers’ emails rather than just sending this information inside the body of the email. Some further work to the order approvals area has occurred to remove the double approval requirement for ETS orders when using order approval system and we have added a new cancelled status to order approvals.

You can now also drill down on the budget and orders approval screen to see all of the quantities and prices attached to each load allowing for review before approval and a new option has been added to automatically reprice unlogged orders when a user expands the job in the orders screen ensuring the amount reflected against the order is up to date. The option can be found under orders > options > reprice when opening job To help make communication even easier, in the setup companies tab, we have added the ability to blind carbon copy (BCC) to all email on a company basis. This functionality still occurs on a global level.

Of course, we've also fixed lots of bugs and made several smaller improvements across all software modules making the system a little more user friendly. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Download your copy of Databuild Version 2.54 today and see for yourself.

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